To order SSC Serv, please sign up for an account to our Customer Area. There you can order and manage full licenses for SSC Serv.

SSC Serv pricing
Number of
Initial price
(per license)
Initial price
Update fee
5 62,00 € 310,00 € 130,00 €
10 50,00 € 500,00 € 200,00 €
20 40,50 € 810,00 € 300,00 €
50 30,80 € 1.540,00 € 530,00 €
100 25,00 € 2.500,00 € 800,00 €
200 20,30 € 4.060,00 € 1.200,00 €
500 15,40 € 7.700,00 € 2.100,00 €

Other quantities

You can use the following form to check the prices for quantities not listed.

Number of licenses:

Licensing details

Your full licenses will be valid for one year. During this time you can download all later versions of SSC Serv, so your installations stay up to date. After that, a smaller yearly fee applies. The invoice for further access to updates will be sent to you automatically one year after your purchase and yearly thereafter. Of course, you can cancel your licenses at any time.

The actual fee charged depends on the number of installations you need. The table below lists the prices for some commonly purchased quantities. If the number of licenses you require is not listed below, please use the text box below to check other quantities or request a quote by sending an email to <>.

As a thank you to collectd contributors, we offer a considerable discount to anybody who contributes to collectd and the company employing the contributor. Please email us for a quote!

If you want to order additional licenses at a later time, the additional licenses will be discounted so you have no disadvantage compared to ordering all licenses at once. You can look up an appropriate quote in the Customer Area and place your order there.

We offer two payment methods: On account payment and Google Wallet. The former requires you to wire transfer the amount to a (German) bank account, the latter allows you to use a credit card.

Please note our Terms and Conditions. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.