Interface plug-in

Configuration window of the interface plugin

Using the Interface plug-in of SSC Serv allows you to collect information of network traffic of a Windows machine easily.

SSC Serv is a native Windows service which collects system metrics periodically and sends them to a collectd server for processing and storage. No remote access to the Windows machine is required, in particular you don't need to configure and enable SNMP. The service is running on the Windows server and sends data, allowing the Windows server to be locked down tightly for maximum security. SSC Serv is very light-weight, integrates well with Windows and doesn't get in the way.

Which interfaces to report

The Interface plug-in allows you to select the interfaces that are relevant for your operation (or exclude those that are not), so that dummy and management interfaces don't clog your metrics. The functionality is equivalent to collectd's Interface plugin.

Collected metrics

The Interface plug-in collects and dispatches the number of octets (bytes) sent and received (i.e. the traffic on that interface) as well as the number of packets send and received. If you're not interested in one of the metrics, the configuration UI lets you disable its collection.